Events & Parties

“Celebration“ (Song by Cool & The Gang)

Positioning of our Location

Our “Mansion on the Hill” (by Bruce Springsteen), the Garden Villa, is situated within the romantic recreational area of the Tribschenhorn right above the shore of Lake Lucerne just on the outskirts of town. Its extensive, inviting garden and funky party room are open for private, non public events. Here our guests can participate in our little paradise that we have steadily created by dedicated work. We take loving care of our beautiful sanctuary. Please learn more about the interesting history of this special place and the story about us: Because “Life is a Song Worth Singing” (by Teddy Pendergrass). So please also “Listen to your Heart” (by Roxette).

We care a lot about our dear guests and we “Wish You Were Here” (by Pink Floyd). The Garden Villa is ideal for all kinds of events. Celebrate your wedding, your birthday, a baptism, a communion, the passing of your exams, a company event or just throw yourself a party and celebrate life. “Live is for Living and Living is Free” (by BJH). The Garden Villa is the perfect venue – be it for an intimate, small party or for a larger number up to 150 “Shiny Happy People” (by REM) spread over the whole area. We always create a special individual setting for your unique and unforgettable event. Then we are very grateful for the appreciation we constantly receive from our guests in their praising comments. We are “Always Touched by Your Presence, Dear” (by Blondie).

Of course here on our website we only present the most wonderful ambience in perfect weather conditions with the most gorgeous brides and happiest guests. But it also works out in any other case… thanks to our practical infrastructure and our wide experience we are always ready to face some necessary spontaneous improvisations and to deal with any unexpected incidents. For example regarding weather conditions. Big umbrellas protect you from the glistering hot sun. Find shelter from a warm summer rain or a cool weather front in our spacious stylish tents. During the cold season they can be heated up to make it all cosy.



“Picture This” (by Blondie)! The Garden Villa is a place you must see, your first chance is right here and now. Enjoy the many impressions of various successful events with countless happy guests. In our wonderful gallery a long imaginary day in the Garden Villa passes by to inspire you for your own upcoming happening and to motivate you to let your own fairy-tale come true at our Garden Villa. House photographer and Garden Villa chief Thomas will gladly capture it. See you!



To experience a romantic “White Wedding” (by Billy Idol) with a ceremony at our Garden Villa is the ultimate heart felt highlight. A more charming venue for your big day is hard to imagine. For sure you will celebrate an unforgettable happening at the Garden Villa! We may even meet again on the occasion of a baptism or communion? Thanks to our trusted expertise in staging numerous dream weddings you can even benefit from from our free but profound advice in regards of planning your Garden Villa wedding. If you wish so this highly appreciated generous service of ours can be your first precious wedding gift. To this attractive offer you can only say “Yes”!







At your wedding ceremony your hearts are surely smiling, but if the skies cry with rain and unfavourable weather we provide a worthy indoor option to our garden which lies just a bridal bouquet’s throw away in the neighbouring nostalgic little Wartegg castle. You will be enthused over the atmospheric Minnie Hauk hall in there.






Workshops & Seminars

With its mesmerising ambience and open surroundings, the spacious Garden Villa inspires a more relaxed, creative and successful outcome for workshops, seminars, courses and product placements. Far away from the usual confining cubic office space. For these business segments we created our advantageous All Inclusive Day Package Creative Workshop & Lounge Lunch to save you big time in planning and organising your event. “Working for the Man” (by Roy Orbison) can really be enjoyed!


Company Events

For important company events and integrative team parties the Garden Villa provides the suitable setting with the perfect stage where VIP’s, superiors, co-workers, apprentices and clients mingle in a more laid back way. So they can chat away less inhibited to establish and deepen their valuable personal relationships. To keep your organisation swift and smooth we offer attractive all inclusive packages. Very popular are our classy food concepts deluxe Gourmet Grill ‘n’ Chill, relaxing Easy Going No Worries BBQ, cool Flying Lounge Dinner and surprising Hot Pot Selection. In the cold season we enchant you with our romantic Candle Light Dinner. Of course there are also further options we can adapt in our a best possible way to match your demands and budget. It would be our joy and honour to list also your company in our references.


Space & Time for our Guests

Take “A Walk in the Park” (by Nick Straker Band). Depending on your event concept, on the season and on the weather, our Garden Villa park offers you flexible, nearly endless options with the best possible infrastructure. In the center of the property proudly stands the Garden Villa. Situated all around the main building are different spacious areas where you can spread out and spend a fantastic time.

Garden Area ca. 800m²
Enjoy “Seasons in the Sun” (by Terry Jacks). The extensive Garden Villa park with its seductive garden offers throughout all four seasons impressive views and discoveries. First sight is of our wide open enchanted garden, framed by huge trees serving as signposts leading into our property. Then stroll up the garden path, take a seat on the cosy garden benches and start to feel relaxed, as being in another world “Lazy on a Sunny Afternoon” (by The Small Faces). Enjoy some light hearted partying, spoil your guests, sip a nice cocktail, listen to your choice of music or the birds singing, watch the flowers grow and later enjoy a sumptuous meal. Then with the help of a colourful sunset, mellow illumination, torches, candlelight, an open fire, romantic moonlight and shining stars, your event is in the perfect mood.

Chill-out & Look-out Space ca. 100m²
“Relax” (by Frankie Goes to Hollywood)! Just behind the Garden Villa lies the highest point of he Wartegg crest which abruptly drops off steeply. There in a pretty clearing of the forest we created a pleasant lounge area to chill out at a fantastic look-out. Truly a spectacular eye-catcher. Enjoy the glorious view of the boat harbour, the lake and the city. During the day you see a panorama more authentic then the sights photoshopped in any tourist brochure. At dusk you may be enchanted by a colourful sunset. At night the mystic lake reflects the pretty “City Lights” (by William Pitt) of Lucerne and you experience the ultimate flash. You feel “Comfortably Numb” (by Pink Floyd).

Lounge & Bar area ca. 45m²
A bar called “Heaven” (by Talking Heads). This covered and all around sheltered outdoor lounge with its warm but cool design and fancy bar serves as centre point. Depending on your event this area can be used for apero and small dinner setting or just as a retreat to laze. The lounge is equipped with speakers, beamer, blue TV and giant screen.


Party Room ca. 60m²

Experience “Fun Fun Fun” (by The Beach Boys) and “Sound and Vision” (by David Bowie) in Extravaganza. Stepping through an impressive wooden door you enter our legendary loft-like party room. Here you find yourself in the epicenter of the Garden Villa where truly bombastic parties with “Good Vibrations” (by The Beach Boys) happen. Its interior resembles a museum with a retro touch in a catchy shabby chic style with seductive lighting and cosy sofas. It’s fully equipped with professional sound system, beamer, DVD player, blue TV and giant screen. While partying and dancing away time may stand still due to the impressive collection of original CDs, LPs and even Tapes throughout most genres back to the 60‘s. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (by Cindy Lauper), “Boys Keep Swinging” (by David Bowie).

Tent ca. 60m²
“Shelter from the Storm” (by Bob Dylan)! Our stylish roomy tent (10x6m) on gravel ground can comfortably sit up to 70 guests. It is totally weather proof and offers shelter from any meteorological condition such as light summer rain, heavy storm and blistering sunshine. In cold weather it is cosily heated. The tent also serves as extended event area, such as protected location for a band or a food buffet or as parking lot for strollers… “Wig-Wam Bam” (by The Sweet). Thanks to the elegant all around transparent walls our guests always have the feeling to sit midst the garden. And if we open the walls like curtains you even forget the roof above your head. Functional facility, romantic lighting and decent decoration are standard and with some additional creativity there are no limits. Snug in and feel pleasant…


Team & Spirit

Thomas as leading Garden Villa mastermind, “Leader of the Pack” (by The Shangri-Las) and contact for all matters together with his wife Deborah as his indispensable supporter and adviser, lady of the house and gifted master gardener are the two creative characters behind the Garden Villa. Both show an enormous knowledge and experience from countless events over many years. Thomas is a well proven expert in hospitality with a diploma of the SHL Swiss Hotel Management School of Lucerne. He worked in various positions up front in the local scene and further benefits from his knowledge as former self employed co-owner of a fine small event agency. Thomas is also very well travelled and cosmopolitan. All his lived experience and achieved know how now flow into the exciting daily business of the Garden Villa, where Thomas can use all his talents and make all his dreams come true. Helpful are his positive enthusiasm, his communication skills and his access to a dense, wide spread reliable network. He can trust the precious consulting and active support of great external specialists who at the same time also are his best best friends. Deborah with her charming female touch tops it all off and makes our Garden Villa truly flourish.

Thomas leads and guides his fantastic team of long term, faithful members who provide best possible service for our guests. At our Garden Villa the mindful care for our guests is always granted. We set ourselves high standards and are well known for our performance.

We fulfill our (life-)work with convincing dedication, honest friendliness and sympathetic ease and on the other hand with remarkable professionalism and total reliability. Actually a nearly impossible walk on a “Tightrope” (by Electric Light Orchestra), but we follow our defined path light-footed with a safe pace and that’s why we are a step ahead of many other venues. Thankfully we experience so many successful “Golden Years” (by David Bowie).


Advice & Support

We offer you our free valuable support during the planning of your event. It is our pleasure to advise you thoroughly. Based on our wide experience we have the best possible solutions for every imaginable situation – plus we look forward to further challenges!

With all our hearts we always try our best and even just that little bit more to spoil you and to make your event a memorable success. Our detailed organisation backstage, coupled with attentive care up front, comes along with the smooth team work of our experienced staff. This guarantees lots of free space for creativity to present the extraordinary experience you want your event to be. “Wow” (by Kate Bush)!.

On demand we can also recommend DJs, musicians, entertainers etc. who already performed at our Garden Villa. Of course we also have contacts to partner companies offering additional event infrastructure, decorations and attractions.


Prices, Terms & Conditions

“Money, Money, Money” (by ABBA)! We offer you our private Garden Villa including the present complete infrastructure, thorough preparations, final setup and complete cleaning for extremely fair prices. On request we document you with our unique pricing for venue, included services, staff, beverage and supplementary infrastructure.

In our informative general terms and conditions you find important hints regarding the farsighted planning and smooth operating of your event.

Please compare our Garden Villa with some of our competitors and weigh the whole packages you really get for your money. Then we guarantee you that our Garden Villa not only offers you unbeatable prices and conditions but also special surplus value.


Drinking Habits

To your further financial advantage we don’t generate our profit by extensive serving of expensive beverage. Still our beverage menu presents you with a fantastic wide range of expertly selected products. We offer you the booze at wholesale prices with just a minimum charge added to cover our expenses for organisation, logistics, serving and administration. Thanks to our gastronomic background with many personal connections to long term suppliers, we can advise you profoundly and organise exquisite, carefully selected products which give an even more special touch to your event. Start the party with “A Glass of Champagne” (by Sailor). Later then cheers with a “Whiskey in the Jar” (by Metallica)!


Catering from the Heart

“Yummy Yummy Yummy I got Love in my Tummy” (by Ohio Express). We love to spoil ourselves and our guests with yummie food. Love goes through the stomach. Great food touches our hearts. Also our guests hearts will beat faster with joy when they feel the pulse of the many Garden Villa catering options. The food catering you can either organise yourself. Or we recommend our trusted favourite house caterers, each of them a valued Garden Villa partner since many years. On your request we can send a list with further proved catering contacts besides the described house caterers.

When we first discuss your event we aim at your expectations and requirements regarding type, style and budget of the catering. During this procedure you immediately get first concrete professional tips, if you wish also about best suitable caterers and even menu suggestions. Thanks to our initial and ongoing profound consultation in the end you will enjoy your personal dream menu in top quality for a fair price.

Like your whole event, also the catering should be conspicuous, standing out from the usual same same offers. Let yourself be surprised and seduced by the innovative ideas of our catering partners. From the simple “Easy Going No Worries Barbecue” to the luscious “Deluxe Gourmet Grill ‘n’ Chill” to the stylish multiple course Boutique Menu we perform any desired variety.

As a first appetizer see this fancy menu which reveals the finesse and essence of the Garden Villa cuisine. We trust that we watered your mouth… to process respectively digest all our inputs please consult our helpful recipe with many important tips for your upcoming catering.

Here an example for such a free tip: You may wish steady flow and movement of your guests during dinner plus enough happy party time before curfew. To grant this we recommend a lively Flying Dinner, an opulent Apéro Riche or a variety of the surprising Hot Pot Selection as a loose alternative to the usual stiff sit down banquets. Those remarkable concepts make it possible to start the party earlier and and they stimulate the desired mixing of the guests with more spontaneity. If you like to consider it you can rely on our professional advice.


After Hour

“Morning has Broken” (by Cat Stevens). If our guest feel like partying on elsewhere after the normal Garden Villa curfew around 1am we suggest the Treibhaus, a renowned beautiful venue just a few minutes down the road. The detailed modalities we can discuss on your demand, of course in arrangement with the Treibhaus Team and their official event program.


See you?!

Now you already learned a lot about our Garden Villa, much more is to be told personally. Many answers we may already gave you, many questions you surely would still like to ask. So don’t hesitate to contact us. We truly look forward to get to know you and then spoil you at our place. Thank you for your interest and your trust in our Garden Villa team. “Aloha-Oe, Until We Meet Again” (by Goombay Dance Band): …and “Hello Again” (by Howard Carpendale).