The extremely pleasant and prolific long term cooperation with proved partners in various fields has contributed enourmously to the appearance and success of our Garden Villa. For this we express our big and honest «Thank you!» and look forward to our further productive partnerships.


AV-Services, Ebikon

Andy van Everdingen, our web designer, programmer, technical supporter (for nearly any technical device) and talented handyman. All in one, our mastermind, brownie and good fairy! And most importantly: a great guy and precious, priceless friend!


Gastro Freelancer Hubert Germann

As a Freelancer Hubi is in a positive way free from usual  conventions and thus can let his creativity flow free. Hubi spoils his guests with his freshly, carefully and masterly prepared dishes. His innovative, surprising Apéro- and Grill-Creations are close to top gourmet standard but far away from expensive pricing. Hubi is widely recognized as THE Grill Specialist par excellence and only uses high quality meat products. He regularly passes on his enormous knowledge about the art of grilling during grill courses at our Garden Villa as he is the Central Switzerland representive salesman of the legendary Big Green Egg Grill.


Habermacher Bakery

Craft. Quality. Enjoyment. We bake, cook and create everyday in and around Lucerne. Happily also for you! From easy going Sandwiches to rich Grazing Platter. From simple Cheesecakes to extensive Dessert Buffet. From hearty Meatloaf to multiple course Gourmet Menu. Our innovative, reliable and friendly team looks forward to fulfill your personal culinary wishes.


Check Catering by Chris Eckert

Be it a cosy apero for only 20 people or a multiple course colourful menu for a larger group – no worries! I, Chris Eckert alias Check Catering will handle any task for your event. As a cook I gather my inspiration from many corners and horizons of our world to blend them into creative yummie culinary enjoyments. My cuisine is diverse, cosmopolitan, hearty and best described as Soul Food. Whatever you fancy: Check me out and try me!
Beside my passion as Sirup Maker under my own label Zuckerpeitsche I also work as a chef. During my varied career in gastronomic businesses and -systems I gained a lot of experience. Thanks to my relaxed personality I easily manage special challenges. In the charming atmosphere of the Garden Villa I have been part of the cool team for many years and thus live the unique Garden Villa groove. And most important I care a lot about my long term friendship with Thomi and Debbie.


Sinnvoll Catering

We gladly aspire meaningful business. And we love to make you and your guests happy at places where you just feel that extra kind of magic.


Nourished by Otillie

Your Deluxe Apéro Riche for up to 50 guests. The trendy way to eat – eye catching and mouth watering grazing tables! It’s the affordable gourmet food spread that makes sure nobody goes hungry. Otillie, an Australian-Swiss food stylist and cook that has travelled the world inspired by flavour and style creates sharing tables that are metres long using local and seasonal ingredients with a twist of savoury and sweet. The latest food trend for entertaining medium size numbers of people are elaborate tables where people come together to share. There is something for everyone on a nourished grazing table.


gillian’s cakes

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This…
I established gillian’s cakes in 2011 and it became my profession, my passion. I pride myself on the taste and look of each and every cake, all baked personally by me. I set high standards with my dedication, my perfection and my eye for detailed decoration. The icing on the cake is my love for people and my flair to listening to my customer’s wishes. From the first enquiry, to the cake tasting, to the design and to the personal delivery – I am with my clients all the way, providing a professional, uncomplicated and reliable service to make them happy.


Schürch Getränke, Rothenburg

This family run beverage dealer has reliably delivered to us for more than 15 years with a well assorted  range of drinks and keeps surprising us with special products that suit our Garden Villa perfectly. A «cheers» also to the always competent and friendly advice.


Siebe Dupf Kellerei, Liestal & Dallenwil

The connoisseurs in this boutique wine shop always meet our taste and demands when we are looking for an exclusive wine of good value to surprise our guests.


Brauerei Baar

Following the traces of the mythological character «Erdmandli», beer has been brewed in Baar since 1862. The family owned enterprise still manages to keep up the balance between tradition and innovation and creates wonderful beers brewed in the old ways. A true taste of home. So this noble beer perfectly suits the credo of our Garden Villa. The Brauerei Baar is also a loyal Garden Villa partner and sponsor for our legendary event Kick ‘n’ Grill, when numerous soccer fans gather to watch the World- and European Cup live on big screens at our venue.



Julia Kolb passionately produces seasonal liquors from original Italian recipes. Julia gains the infatuating aromas for her liquors from lemons, mandarins, mint, sage etc. by using only the best biologically grown fruits and herbs. She combines cooking, design and her love for Italy to create an exquisite product. The exclusivity is highlighted with beautifully handwritten labels. Thus the crafty liquors  highly suit the seducing range of Garden Villa beverages.



Zuckerpeitsche is a Lucerne based syrup cordial manufactory which presents a family of various «Fräuleins». Father and mastermind of this nice family is creative Chris Eckert. Each of the «Fräuleins» stands for a distinctive, wonderfully surprising taste. Zuckerpeitsche’s philosophy is to produce exquisite syrups, combined with aesthetically designed bottles and labels. Zuckerpeitsche is meant to bring culinary and visionary joy as well as an everyday treat and a sensual attribute for special moments.


Artelier B, Luzern

Wedding dresses that tell a story. Artelier B is a newart home boutique and offers you in a private but professional and stylish atmosphere the opportunity to dicvover carefully selected second hand wedding dresses with a history and a story to tell. Our selection is complimented with lovingly created dresses and accessories of upcoming designers and small fashion labels who put their focus – as we do – towards fair fashion and longevity.



GRAUBILD Photography – Christian Grau

I am your photographic partner when professional but easy going and uncomplicated service is required. Discreetly and inconspicuously but always attentively and empathicly I accompany your event and catch it with creative photos. So Auntie Sue and Uncle Charlie happily can leave their cameras at home and enjoy a carefree celebration because I take care that no moment is forgotten and all the timeless memories are vividly kept alive for you.


Smaniac Jewellery Design, Mike Smania, Lucerne

Mike Smania became famous during the Swatch mania in the mid 90ties by originally refining simple Swatch watches. He transformed them into unique precious prototypes which were sought after by collectors all around the world. The Swatch hype is now legend. Since Mike has been the Chief Designer at the well-known jewellery company Ruckli in Lucerne, he has always followed his real passion: to create extraordinary pieces of jewellery out of the most varied materials. Thanks to the mining and deep digging into his creative mind Mike is able to bring his clients individuality and personality to the surface, reflected in jewellery masterpieces. Corresponding to his Label «Smaniac» those pieces of art can turn out slightly crazy! A wonderful sample is the wedding ring of Garden Villa host Deborah. So Mike is of course a highly recommended address for any couple that will celebrate their wedding in our Garden Villa and who are in search of their special wedding rings.

+41 78 880 04 20


Belle Design visuelle Gestaltung, Luzern

Isabelle Zihlmann, our house graphic designer. Thanks to her flowery imagination she created our logo, business card and various flyers.


Blumen Ley, Lucerne

«Say it with flowers» – this cute quote we take literally at the Garden Villa. Often wedding couples whisper their loving words to each other through the lovely decorations created by Blumen Ley. Or they say «Yes» to each other within an antique, beautifully decorated garden pavillon. Anything about flowers and gardens, as well as authentique vintage items, or permanent art exhibitions you can admire at Blumen Ley.

+41 41 420 70 36



Pius Galliker Gartenbau, Adligenswil

Garden Design Pius Galliker is well known for being a competent company for extraordinary landscape gardening, but Pius being a passionate collector and fair trader of decorative items of many kinds is more of a secret. In his storage you find an astonishing range of vintage goods from all backgrounds and manner. Now while strolling through our fairytale garden of the Garden Villa you will discover an exhibition of beautiful decorative sculptures, pots and ornaments.


House and Grounds, Luzern

A well maintained property and its surroundings have a very positive influence on the quality of our lives. A fact we experience and enjoy ourselves thanks to our beautiful Garden Villa. But sometimes situations arise when we can not manage things ourselves due to lack of time or know how. Then our dear friend Colin Irvine helps out with his professional support. Through him our Garden Villa received many precious upgrades. Recently Colin started his own business House & Grounds and looks forward to new customers to offer his custom made services such as house maintenance, garden care, repairs and renovations. We can highly praise and recommend Colin’s experience, skills, innovation and passion.


werkstatt3tausend ag, Kriens

With the innovative planning and professional execution of various architectual measures, Stefan Bättig and his long term team of very capable workmen have contributed substantially to the tranformation of our old «witches house» into the unique Garden Villa over the past 18 years.

+41 79 204 95 40
+41 41 340 41 89


AllArt – Moving Art by Martin Solèr & Roswitha Lüthi

Martin and Roswitha create mad, spacy art objects called AllArtgenossen. After a few swing by manoeuvres some of their spectacular objects, equipped with various apparatuses,  softly touched down in the Garden Villa where they found a new home. From their final mission they send out regular signals of cosmic joy.

For many years, with a lot of brains, heart and hands, Martin and Roswitha created freaky moving machine performances out of previously used devices and throw away gear which they showcase in groovy venues.

In the imaginative installations the spectators discover familiar utensils, which interact with their every day life and also the immediate environment. Thus, the art becomes extremely vivid and the spectators are guided back to their own perception. This sensation is further emphasized by Martin’s and Roswitha’s approach which is similar to how we were guided as children: nothing is planned, but spontaneously inspired by the environmemt and the discoveries in our acting and being.


Stadt Luzern Liegenschaftsverwaltung

We gratefully acknowledge the approval by the Council of Lucerne, the owner of the property, that private events for selected clients can take place in the Garden Villa. They are aware that such special cultural venues are not readily available elsewhere. We thankfully appreciate and cultivate this support and the open and comfortable relationship we have with them.


Luzern Tourismus

Thanks to the cost free presence in various brochures we can welcome many interesting tourists from all over the world into our guest room.


Outdoor Dreams Team Events, Herzogenbuchsee

Our partner for procurring many renowned companies which then hold their staff parties, customer events, seminars and incentives at the Garden Villa.